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About the Wyandot Nation of Kansas
The Wyandot Nation of Kansas is made up of those formerly known as "absentee" or "citizen class" Wyandot Indians. The Wyandot Nation of Kansas is currently petitioning the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs for federal recognition and was incorporated in 1959. The Wyandot Nation of Kansas is dedicated to the preservation of Wyandot history and culture and the preservation, protection, restoration and maintenance of the Huron Indian Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas.

Wyandot Nation of Kansas Petitioning for Federal Recognition

Wendat Confederacy
The Wyandot Nation of Kansas is proud to be a member of the Wendat Confederacy. The Wendat Confederacy was reaffirmed on August 27, 1999 in Midland Ontario by the leaders of the Wyandot Nation of Kansas, Wyandott Nation of Oklahoma, Wyandotte Nation of Anderdon and the Huron Wendat of Wendake.

Reconciliation Ceremony by Ed Pelletier - Reconciliation Organizer
Another Perspective on the Reconciliation by Darren English - Wyandot Nation of Kansas
Representatives from the Wyandot Nation of Kansas took part in a ceremony of reconciliation in Midland Ontario June 4th and 5th of 1999. This ceremony was the first step in the reformulation of the Wendat Confederacy.

Wyandot Statue Dedicated in Wyandotte Michigan COMING SOON

History of the Wyandot Nation of Kansas


The Emigrant Tribes: Wyandot Delaware and Shawnee, A Chronology in PDF format

by Larry Hancks
A good overview of Wyandot history from pre-Columbian contact to the 1800s

{C}· Cover to 1799

{C}· 1800 to 1850

{C}· 1851 to 1859

{C}· 1860 to End

{C}· Appendices and Bibliography

Chronology of Huron Indian Cemetery and the Wyandot Nation of Kansas

By Jan English, Chief - Wyandot Nation of Kansas
An overview of modern Wyandot history

History of the Wyandot to 1614

Champlain's Account of the Battle of October 10, 1615

Excerpted from Champlain's Voyages to New France 1632

The Feast of the Dead 1637 Huron Wyandot Burials

by Francis Parkman

Craigleith and the Birth of the Historic Wyandot Tribe

by Charles Garrad

Petun' and the Petuns

by Charles Garrad

Letter from J.M. Armstrong to his fiancé Lucy Biglow

Excerpt from American Notes 

Upper Sandusky Ohio-1842 by Charles Dickens, when he went to visit Indian agent John Johnston in 1842.

"Col. Crawford's Campaign and Death"

by William Walker, dated April 25, 1857

Wyandots Prepare to Leave Ohio

by Rev. Wheeler

Muster Roll of Wyandots Leaving from Ohio to Kansas

The Wyandots Journey from Upper Sandusky to Cincinnati preparing to Leave Ohio

Rev. Wheeler

Wyandots journey from St. Louis to Kansas

Rev. Wheeler

Letter from Lucy B. Armstrong to John Armstrong 1850

Emigrant Tribes to Kansas

Wyandot Migration to Kansas

An "eyewitness account" by Lucy B. Armstrong

Lucy B. Armstrong's Account of Travel from St. Louis to Kansas on the Missouri Riverboat Nodaway

Wyandots in Kansas Territory 1843-September 30, 1843

 a letter from Rev. James Wheeler giving a detailed description of the hardships encountered by the Wyandots having relocated from Upper Sandusky Ohio to Kansas Territory

Wyandots in Kansas Territory 1844

History of the Quindaro - COMING SOON
An Abolitionist Town and Freeport founded by Wyandot Indians in Kansas

Wyandots in the Civil War

A listing of men from Wyandotte County Kansas who served in the Civil War including many Wyandot Indians from Morgan


From the Journal of William Walker Jr. Oct., 1848 Wyandot Nation Turtle Clan and First Provisional Governor of the Nebraska Territory

Wyandot Rolls of 1867

This document lists the Wyandots living in Kansas and Oklahoma and gives denotes those "Citizen" Wyandots that never conscented to becoming US Citizens

Map of the Quindaro Townsite

 A Brief History of the Wyandot Nation of Kansas focusing on the Quindaro Townsite

by Darren Zane English

Wyandot Sacred Sites
Huron Indian Cemetery - Kansas City Kansas


Huron Cemetery Permenantly Protected by an Agreement by the Wyandot Nation of Kansas and the Wyandotte Nation in Oklahoma!



Huron Place Historic District

by Larry Hancks

H U R O N    P L A C E


By WILLIAM E. CONNELLEY Edited by Larry K. Hancks City of Kansas City, Kansas 1991

Huron Cemetery Preservation Web Site


Chronology of Huron Indian Cemetery and the Wyandot Nation of Kansas

By Jan English, Chief - Wyandot Nation of Kansas

"When Can They Rest?"

The history of Huron Indian Cemetery in Kansas City Kansas By Rachel Armstrong

3 Sister's Defense of Cemetery Lasts 40 Years
Kansas City Times 1946

Pictures of Fort Conley

Curse May Play Role in Cemetery Defense
Kansas City Times 1959

Lyda Conley's Legal Argument to Protect the Huron Indian Cemetery

Lyda Conley was the first Indian Woman attorney to address to the US Supreme Court

Burials at Huron Indian Cemetery


Old Quindaro Cemetery - Kansas City Kansas

First Burial in Old Quindaro Cemetery, Kansas City Kansas


LANGUAGE/LSIOUI_LANGUAGE.PDF">Is There a Future for the Huron Language? by Linda Sioui

Wyandot Myths recorded by Marius Barbeau

The Origin of the World and Creation Myth

The Origin of the Pliades

Origin of the Seven Stars

The Thunder


The Origin of the Sun-Shower 

Our Wyandot Ancestors


Gallery of Wyandot Ancestors


Tarheby Thelma Marsh

Tarhe, Grand Sachem by C.A. Buser

Lucy B. Armstrong

Hiram Northrup

William Walker

Nancy Quindaro Brown Guthrie

The Conley Sisters
Lyda Conley's Legal Argument

Lyda Conley

Helena Conley

Theresa Oionhaton
"Flower of Huronia"

Sarah Loveless

Chief George D. Zane

"Friends of God"
about Joseph Chiwatenhwa by by Bruce Henry
Illustrated by Don Ense Ojibwa Artist/CENTER>

Walker Family
from Thelma Marsh's Moccasin Trails to the Cross

from the Jesuit Relations of 1636

Estienne Annaotaha: The Unwanted Hero
from Untold Tales by John Steckley

Eustace Ahatsistari: the bravest of the braves

from Untold Tales by John Steckley

Kandiaronk: A Man Called Rat
from Untold Tales by John Steckley

Joseph Chiwatenehwa

from Untold Tales by John Steckley



Missions to the Wyandots
Jesuit Missions to the Wyandot Indians
St. Marie Among the HuronsFort St. Marie among the HuronsSt. Marie among the Huron Mission Church

The Huron Relation of 1635

Fr. Jean de Brebeuf Instructions to the Missionaries

St. Marie Among the Hurons

Overview of the Jesuit Relations 1632-1673

The Missions - The Brandy Question From Francis Parkman's The Old Regime in Canada

Joseph Chiwatenehwa

Theresa Oionhaton

"Flower of Huronia"

"Friends of God"

about Joseph Chiwatenhwa by Bruce Henry
Illustrated by Don Ense Ojibwa Artist

The Martyrs of New France

The Inner Flame of St. John Brebeuf

Saints Lived Here The Story of the Martyr's Shrine
by JG Shaw

Brebeuf A Giant in Huronia

by Angus J. Macdougall S.J.


Pope John Paul II's Address at the Martyr's Shrine 1984


Methodist Missions to the Wyandot Indians
Mission Church in Upper Sandusky OhioJohn Stewart preaches to the Wyandots
Wyandott Mission Upper Sandusky Ohio

Moccasin Trails to the Cross

by Thelma Marsh

John Stewart, First Missionary

Testings and Trials

John Stewart's Letter to the Wyandotts

Stewart Returns to the Wyandotts


Farewell Address Last Wyandot Church Service in Ohio
delivered by Squire-Grey-Eyes

Wyandott Mission Society 1828 List of Members

Wyandot Mission Society 1832 List of Members


MovieReview of BLACKROBE

by John Steckley - Hechon

The Soft White Lie

by Richard Zane Smith

Trade Whiskey Recipe

This nauseating recipe was used to create a "whiskey concoction, traders used when making "deals" with the natives.

Proposed use of alcohol as a weapon against indian people

Kateri Tekakwitha

Petun Tobacco Experiments
by Charles Garrad Petun Research Institute

Other Wyandot Sites Member Nations of the Wendat Confederacy

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