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The Wyandot Nation of Kaqnsas Website is undergoing a long overdue facelift.

As you search the site, you will find we've made much more than simple cosmetic changes! Thanks to some of the leading scholars in Wyandot studies, we are proud to provide you access to some work that you might not be familiar with.

We continue to provide you with the highest quality primary historic documents and

You will discover over 50 new documents, files, images and historic books available for you to incorporate in your research!

This site will be updated regularly, however until all of the changes have been made, check back daily to discover what new information is available! There is a lot of exciting material waiting to be uploaded!


Wyandot History

The Emigrant Tribes: Wyandot Delaware and Shawnee, A Chronology in PDF format

by Larry Hancks
A good overview of Wyandot history from pre-Columbian contact to the 1800s

Cover to 1799

1800 to 1850

1851 to 1859

1860 to End

Appendices and Bibliography

Letter from J.M. Armstrong to his fiance Lucy Biglow

Excerpt from American Notes 

Upper Sandusky Ohio-1842 by Charles Dickens, when he went to visit Indian agent John Johnston in 1842.


"Col. Crawford's Campaign and Death"

by William Walker, dated April 25, 1857


Wyandots Prepare to Leave Ohio

by Rev. Wheeler


Muster Roll of Wyandots Leaving from Ohio to Kansas


The Wyandots Journey from Upper Sandusky to Cincinnati preparing to Leave Ohio

Rev. Wheeler


Wyandots journey from St. Louis to Kansas

Rev. Wheeler

Letter from Lucy B. Armstrong to John Armstrong 1850

List of Tribes Emigrating to Kansas


Wyandot Migration to Kansas

An "eyewitness account" by Lucy B. Armstrong

Lucy B. Armstrong's Account of Travel from St. Louis to Kansas on the Missouri Riverboat Nodaway

Wyandots in Kansas Territory 1843-September 30, 1843

 a letter from Rev. James Wheeler giving a detailed description of the hardships encountered by the Wyandots having relocated from Upper Sandusky Ohio to Kansas Territory

Wyandots in Kansas Territory 1844

First hand accounts of some of the trials that were faced by our ancestors in Kansas.

  History of the town of Quindaro

A Underground Railroad site and the first freeport on the Missouri River established by Wyandot Indians - EXTERNAL LINK


Wyandots in the Civil War

A listing of men from Wyandotte County Kansas who served in the Civil War including many Wyandot Indians from Morgan


From the Journal of William Walker Jr. Oct., 1848 Wyandot Nation Turtle Clan and First Provisional Governor of the Nebraska Territory

Wyandot Rolls of 1867

This document lists the Wyandots living in Kansas and Oklahoma and gives denotes those "Citizen" Wyandots that never conscented to becoming US Citizens

Quindaro: A Map of the Quindaro Town Site

Chronology of Huron Indian Cemetery and the Wyandot Nation of Kansas

By Larry Hancks, Edited By Jan English, Chief - Wyandot Nation of Kansas
An overview of modern Wyandot history


Historic BOOKS in PDF Format

Religious Concepts of the Modern Huron

by William Conneley

Wyandot Folklore

by William Connely

The Journal of William Walker First Governor of the Provsional Government of Nebraska Territory

(And Wyadot!) by William Walker