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FINALLY!!! The bugs are worked out of the layout, and our site is back in play! Check back often because you'll see a lot of new information on this site in almost every category!

The site is rolling out in phases.

Phase I - Basic Formatting: Implementing the new drop down menu feature, breaking the site into individual sections and providing access to new materials (a HUGE influx of new documents!)

Phase II -Additional Features will be Added:

Email Update List: Visitors can sign up for automatic updates when material has been added to wyandot.org

Search Function: will help viewers find the data they need

Java and Web Widget Galleries: viewers will be able to view historic photos and other archival data




MovieReview of BLACKROBE

by John Steckley - Hechon

Trade Whiskey Recipe 

This nauseating recipe was used to create a whiskey concoction, traders used when making "deals" with the natives.

Proposal to use Alcohol Against Natives

This is possibly the first recorded official proposal to use alcohol as a weapon to destroy Native American people and nations

Kateri Tekakwitha 

Women in War

by Katie Labelle

The Soft White Lie

by Richard Zane Smith