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FINALLY!!! The bugs are worked out of the layout, and our site is back in play! Check back often because you'll see a lot of new information on this site in almost every category!

The site is rolling out in phases.

Phase I - Basic Formatting: Implementing the new drop down menu feature, breaking the site into individual sections and providing access to new materials (a HUGE influx of new documents!)

Phase II -Additional Features will be Added:

Email Update List: Visitors can sign up for automatic updates when material has been added to wyandot.org

Search Function: will help viewers find the data they need

Java and Web Widget Galleries: viewers will be able to view historic photos and other archival data




Petun Research Institute

The Petun Research Institute website contains a treasure trove of scholarly articles and materials meticulously researched and presented in a manner accessible to most levels of scholarship. The PRI has provided unwavering support to the Wyandot/Wendat people through research, as well as preserving historic and sacred sites including village and burial sites in Canada.

Special thanks to Charles Garrad, Ella Garrad and John Steckley for their work preserving Wyandot history and culture in Ontario Canada!

Wyandot.org is proud to host the PRI Website!

Huronia Museum and Huron Indian Village

Midland Ontario Canada The museum includes a recreation of a historic Huron/Wyandot Indian Village as well as collections relating to the history of the Midland Area

The Jesuit Relations

Read the letters from the Jesuit Missionaries to their superiors in France in the format that they were published.

A Searchable Database - EXTERNAL LINK

The Jesuit Relations

Read the published version of letters written by the Jesuit Missionaries to their superiors in France.

Translated into English in a Searchable Database - EXTERNAL LINK

St. Marie Among the Hurons

Midland Ontario Canada A recreation of the French Jesuit Mission to the Wendat/Huron people during the 1600's. This site offers visitors an opportunity to step back in time and gain a deeper understanding of a time when two cultures clashed in a struggle to understand a radically foreign society. St Marie Among the Hurons provides an experience similar to time travel (sans temporal distortions)

Scenic Caves

Once a site of pilgrimage, "EKARENNIONDI" aka Standing Rock (literally translated from Wendat meaning "the rock that stands out ")


The Quindaro Chindowan - Online Archives

Online archives of the Quindaro Newspaper and abolitionist historic townsite information. hosted by Kansas City Kansas Community College.

Wendat Confederacy Links

Wyandot Nation of Kansas

Wyandotte Nation - Oklahoma

Wyandot Nation of Anderdon

Huron Wendat of Lorette